Travel Security Services

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Travel Security Services


Travel security services provide travellers with a peace of mind by delivering a customized, safe solution regarding transportation, accommodations and associated travel activities; domestically and abroad. Clients can expect to maintain a high degree of security, productivity and flexibility while on the road or anywhere their business or other interests take them.

Specialized/Non-Protective Services

Focus One Group International provides a number of non-protective services including professional personal assistants (PA) who assist clients during travel. These professionals are vetted and bound by strong confidentiality agreements. We provide estate managers and a support team to conduct screening and training of household staff. We also provide a dedicated transportation team and vehicles for client and family use.

Each year a large number of corporations conduct their business overseas which can present corporations with challenges in terms of providing “Duty of Care” as it pertains to travel and their employees. Travel security can be organized through Focus One Group International’s Incident Management Center (IMC) by working with our global network of offices and affiliates to secure travel in even the most dangerous cities or countries.

Even the most seasoned of international travelers are utilizing caution as they travel the world in this “new normal” age of terrorism. Corporations also face the possibility of legal action which falls under the umbrella known as “Duty of Care” should they send their employees into unsafe areas without conducting “due diligence” (travel assessment or travel advisory), prior to departure and updating the employee of increased threats and or risks while they are travelling.

For the duration of travel the Incident Management Centre (IMC) operators are available and ready to provide support to you and your corporation’s employees from anywhere in the world. In most situations, it may not be necessary to provide a full security detail (drivers and bodyguards). We place our emphasis on personal-security awareness training. Our pre-travel threat assessments, survey terrorist/criminal traditions and ensure awareness of the “grey area” and how we overcome possible situations that you may encounter.

If your employees are traveling for business, it’s your legal and ethical responsibility to have a plan in place to care for them. A thorough plan evaluates foreseeable and unforeseeable risks to avoid injury to employees and legal ramifications for the company.

Focus One Group International have associate offices located in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North and South America. Through these associated offices we can provide both executive protection services and transportation logistics.

A travel risk assessment is integral to achieving “duty of care” obligations. The goal of the risk assessment is to identify any threats that an Individual could face whilst traveling. Travel risks are constantly changing, and the assessment covers everything from missing a flight to a global pandemic.

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