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Concierges Services


Time, as the saying goes, is money, which is why individuals, families, VIPs, and enterprises opt for concierge services. We offer a wide variety of services that will take care of all the requests and details, big and small. From simple errands to corporate travel arrangements and private jets, Focus One Group provides clients with unparalleled solutions to help you save time and increase efficiency.

Corporate Concierge Services and Business Travel Logistics

Services include but are not limited to Travel Logistics Planning, Transportation Management, Meeting and Conference Planning and Management, and Leisure Activity Planning.   Our turnkey service is always specifically designed to meet the needs and budget of the client.  We work only with top-tier third-party suppliers with whom we have strong business relationships established over many years.  The boutique-style, 360 service model means clients can be assured that a team member will be available not only during the planning stages but also throughout their entire visit.   The concierge team is here to assist with all that is needed, giving clients the time and opportunity needed to attend to their business while we ensure everything in the back end is operating as planned.   Whether working with a trade delegation, an executive team, dignitaries, or VIP’s, we are dedicated to making sure all guests feel like royalty!

Personal Concierge Services

Personal concierge services are lifetime management solutions for individuals, families and VIPs wanting to stay on top of their game.  We are well versed in sourcing specialized professionals and arranging logistics to manage your home and everyday life. From basic household chores to catering your next event, you will enjoy the highest standards of service and a reliable and cost-effective approach.

Our services include home care, travel booking, red carpet access, elite sourcing, personal shopping, experience curation and professional services, just to name a few.  Anything you can think of, providing it’s legal and ethical, we can do it!

Focus One Group provides concierge services that allow clients to have more time for what really matters. You can get seemingly impossible things done thanks to our dedicated and vast network of specialised contacts around the world.  

As the ultimate in personal and corporate concierge services, our experts deliver impeccable service to ensure your expectations are exceeded.  With our partners and networks, Focus One Group provides services tailored to your specific needs, around the clock and around the world. 

Concierge services works in the background to make your life easier.  Depending on your needs, it gives you the ability to focus on what matters most, your business and your family.   Through our vast network of resources worldwide, you can have peace of mind knowing that we provide top-tier services and work only with vetted, trusted suppliers.

We work directly with each client to fully understand your unique needs. An initial Consultation gives us a more in-depth understanding and is followed by a detailed outline of Services and Fees customized to cater to your requirements.  Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year whether for Business or Personal, we are here to help. 

On the corporate side, we work with you to ensure your business trip or corporate event goes exactly as planned.   Working with you from the planning stages, we become an integral part of your Team with our own distinguished role and responsibilities including arranging and managing air and ground transportation, planning managing corporate events including Conferences, and Dignitary Care and VIP Concierge services throughout your visit.

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